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Second Coming


Well it’s been a crazy, awesome, couple years since I’ve moved back to the United States. I closed up shop in 2012 awaiting new beginnings back here and have been kept busy ever since.

Since leaving France for good in September of 2012 I’ve been non-stop growing and learning so much about myself and people around me. There’s been heartbreak, but so much more love. My family are solid and my real friends have stood the tests of time.

Finally have another home where I can start creating again. It isn’t ideal trying to solder in my rented condo in the city after work each day. It will be slow going since I only get down time on the weekend, but I’ve moved the majority of my tools up to the house and started messing about for the first time since 2012 last weekend. I’ve got the fever again.

Still lacking a few electrical tools I had to leave behind in France due to voltage differences, but shouldn’t be too hard to come by here.

I will be keeping the shop closed until I can work out a deal with my partner on how he can manage the shipping and I the creating. Until then, I will try to post the items I create on my Facebook page so that you can see what is coming down the pipe.

I’m thrilled to embark on my second coming. I hope you will be too.

All the best, Lisa

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